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Do You Have A Passion For Living?  So Do I!

Do You Have a Passion For Success?  So Do I!

Then You’re In The Right Place!

Hey there, I’m Anna Anderson. I’m the person behind all of the action here at Million Dollar Breakthrough.  And let me start from the beginning….

I am proud to say I’m a self-taught entrepreneur. I am where I am because of pure determination and hard work. I left school at 15, no university education, no business training. I was oblivious to what strategy was. I didn’t even know the industry that I was going into. And I was ready to learn. I believed I could do it. I was willing to work hard and give it my all. And I did!

Over two decades my husband and I built our business alongside caring for our growing family. We learnt fast and we learnt so much. We conquered the many challenges. Consoled each other in our failures. And always made sure to celebrate the wins. We worked like crazy and we still do. I have no problem working seven days a week, because I love it. I also love learning and through it all, I have learnt to work smarter, not always harder.

Hitting my 40’s, going through a challenging time with the death of my father, I decided it was time for a change. We consolidated our business into a training business within the industry we were in and it was time for me to move on. Retraining I took my expertise and entered the big wide world of coaching.

And it wasn’t all smooth sailing. I started a franchise that just wasn’t a fit. I became a partner in a training business that became too top heavy. My girls were going through their own challenges finding their own way in life. Going full circle, I built on the foundation I had laid and created a training business offering soft skills training to corporates and high performance coaching for business owners. I went to University to gain a degree – something I knew my dad would have been proud of.

Then in 2012, maybe in a moment of madness, we took the leap and sold everything off and moved to China. (You can read more about that here). Over the next seven years we had a ball, we immersed ourselves in a new culture, created relationships and networks personally and for business. We travelled to places we’d never heard of or even imagined visiting. And, we built a training company, delivering training and coaching to MNC’s, travelling and speaking to crowds of 300+ on doing business globally. As you will guess, it’s been a roller coaster ride to say the least!

And, moving to China proved to be catalyst to propel me forward to transition my coaching/training business online. Over the last 2-3 years I’ve become something of a digital business and social media scholar. It opened up a whole new world of learning for me reading, taking courses, attending events…you name it – and my learning is far from complete. Learning technology, OMG that’s a whole different story. Now living in Croatia, we are building a family travel business off-line and maintaining two on line businesses.

I have built a life around helping thousands of other like-minded people achieve their full potential. If you’d like to follow my journey while growing your own entrepreneurship and business skills, stay tuned to my blog where I’ll be releasing new content regularly!

And, a little about me personally …  

  • I am of Maori and English descent. Born in a small town called Taupo, growing up in the beautiful country of New Zealand.
  • I lived in China for 7 years and am now living in Split, Croatia.
  • I have a husband who has been my rock for over 37 years and two beautiful daughters who I love more than anything in this world.
  • I LOVE to travel. We’ve travelled throughout Asia Pacific, China, Europe and North America. As a family we travel together at least once a year together, now we are spread over the globe. Our next adventure is always in the pipeline!
  • Having lived in China for 7 years I absolutely love and every day am grateful for the fresh air, the blue skis, the lakes, rivers and sea, the sunshine, sunsets and sunrises, the fresh water and let’s not forget the fresh fruit, foods and nectars nature provides.
  • I enjoy ski diving, white water rafting and sailing with the kids, although there are times I love to just sit and enjoy a good book.
  • I’m not into fitness and exercise, it’s still a HAVE TO on my daily to do list.
  • I don’t do camping or the great outdoors. I love to travel five star and adore club lounge benefits whenever we travel.
  • I have a weakness for coffee, energy drinks and sweets and I miss kiwi pies, fish and chips, kai moana and hangi.