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Working on my new Million Dollar Breakthrough Program, something that has come up for a lot of people I’ve been talking to is FEAR.  I see it so often with those I am working with:

  • Fear holds them back, it crushes their joy
  • Fear has them play safe, it squashes their dreams
  • Fear prevents them from moving forward, to take that next step

Recalling one of my most fearful moments in my business when in China, and there were many, I can so relate to these fears. I was also able to think about what helps me, to not just move through my fears in life and in business but to actually turn my fear into fuel!

We will always have fear. And yet the difference between those who create success in life and business despite fear and those who stay stuck in their fears, is their ability to move through their fear.

So if you’re feeling fear at making changes in your life or business. If you’re ready to get unstuck, read more about my strategy to move through my fears …

Welcome to our Million Dollar Breakthrough Episode One…

  1. Free Book – Readers get a complimentary copy of my Million Dollar Breakthrough Life Design Roadmap. Click here for your copy.
  2. Free Bonus – Readers also get access to a free journaling page, which will help you follow the same process I do to identify my fears and move through them successfully, no matter what your fear. Download your copy here.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this episode in the comments below.

Kia Kaha [Stay Strong]